Cross-Cultural Programs for Federal Government Agencies



Given the extraordinary cultural and linguistic diversity of Australia today, it is just as imperative for federal government agencies to be culturally competent as it is for local and state government. And there are certain departments for whom it is more imperative than others. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, and the Australian Electorial Commission are four important examples.

Margaret Bornhorst has designed and delivered programs for all of these departments in the past. Her current one-day program is an excellent starting point for staff at all levels. The basic program can then be augmented by shorter sessions targeted to the specific needs of different levels and tasks of staff if required.

Margaret Bornhorst has spent 18 years investigating the diversity issues faced by Australian organisations, both in interacting with a culturally diverse population, and in managing culturally diverse workforces.

Call Margaret on 0409 062 610 or email her at margaret@mbcross-cultural. for detailed information on these programs.







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