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Culturally Competent Community Workers (one-day)

Culturally Competent Community Workers has been designed as a one-day program which is a comprehensive introduction to cultural competence for human services workers which can be customised to any one of the human services target groups: aged-care, child-care, child protection, community centres, community development, disabilities, domestic violence, employment services, family counselling, gambling counselling, housing, migrant settlement, rape crisis/sexual assault, respite services, sport and recreation, women’s services, and youth services.

Culturally Competent Community Workers helps participants understand the significant differences between Anglo-Australian culture and the cultures of most immigrants, as well as to identify the aspects of their own service which will require an extra effort to communicate to people from cultures where those services do not exist. The program also provides skills in overcoming language barriers.

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Cross-Cultural Skills for Foster Care Agencies (one-day)

Foster care services in Australia are in the interesting situation that settlers from many non-Western cultures do not have a concept of fostering by people who are not related to the child being fostered. So communicating what fostering is about can be extremely challenging. It is also not easy to find foster carers to match the ethnicity or culture of the child or young person being fostered. This program focuses on overcoming the cultural and language barriers specific to the foster care context. 

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Culturally Competent Employment Services (one-day)

Culturally Competent Employment Services is a new one-day program focusing specifically on the skills needed to assist CALD clients, including recently arrived immigrants, refugees and 457 Visa holders, into appropriate and successful employment. 

Culturally Competent Employment Services provides a great deal of employment services-specific information, including identifying the precise differences in workplace-related customs and laws that newly arrived settlers are likely to encounter, helping job applicants to make the necessary adjustments to Australian workplace expectations, and helping local employers to consider employing people who look or sound different from the people they are used to employing in the past.

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