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Margaret Bornhorst Cross-Cultural, based in Brisbane, Australia, provides a range of creative solutions to personal, organisational and community challenges resulting from Australia's, and the world's, growing ethnic and linguistic diversity.

Services available include cross-cultural training for all types of organistions (including not-for-profit community organisations), cross-cultural knowledge management advice for internationalising companies, customised training packages, workshops, short inspirational presentations, community festival activities, conference keyno  tes and workshops, webinars, and consultations.


Australia: cultural and linguistic diversity is under the radar for many organisations.

Australian communities are extraordinarily diverse these days, with up to 239 birthplaces and languages in all capital cities and in many cities and towns. Yet government, business and community leaders are frequently unaware of how their organisations could benefit from embracing this new diversity rather than ignoring it, or merely managing it. They are also frequently unaware of the precise impact cultural and linguistic differences might be having on relationships and systems in many areas of their organisation: human resources, customer service, team building, product development, etc. Identifying cultural tensions, and reducing or eliminating them through targeted and appropriate interventions, can have a very positive effect on teams, organisations, and communities. And learning to recognise and utilise the special cultural and linguistic talents of people can take your organisation to a whole new level of personal and professional development.


Internationalisation and globalisation

Companies of any size considering tapping into international markets need to understand the importance of expert cross-cultural information and guidance. Cultural and language barriers can bring frustrations and challenges, but overcoming them can bring remarkable opportunities. When doing business internationally, every aspect of the operation, from product and service design, to relationship and trust building, to marketing, to subsidiary establishment, to workforce management can benefit from cross-cultural knowledge management. It is often the case that some culture-specific expertise already resides in the company, although possibly not at a level that can be easily identified or utilised. Internationalising businesses benefit from the earliest possible awareness of how culture and language can best be managed for maximum business benefit.


An unbiased assessment of the successes and failures of Australian multiculturalism policies

Over the past 25 years, Margaret Bornhorst has been in a unique position to evaluate the pluses and minuses of current and past multicultural policies at both state and federal levels. She is very willing to share her insights with individuals and organisation who feel they would benefit from such an overview.


Broad experience, extensive networks and customisation

Few cross-cultural practitioners working in Australia today have Margaret Bornhorst's range of experience across sectors and her extensive network of trainers and cultural informants. When Margaret designs a program or presentation for you, her 25 years of specialisation in cross-cultural communication ensure that it will be customised to the precise needs of your organisation, and that it will utilise the best information and presentation style to engage your audience.


A standard customised training fee of $2000

Margaret does not charge for travel and accommodation when delivering customised training programs in Australian capital cities, or in Darwin or Canberra. Her standard training fee of $2000 per customised program (from one-hour to full-day workshops), weekdays or weekends, applies to all these cities. There may be travel/accommodation charges for some regional centres. 


A standard customised conference keynote fee of $3000

A standard customised conference keynote fee of $3000 applies to all Australian capital cities and to Canberra and Darwin. As with training programs, here may be travel/accommodation charges for some regional centres.


Free community information sessions

Given the high level of recent media attention to matters of immigration, population size, diversity and multiculturalism, Margaret has set aside time to deliver free information sessions in southeast Queensland communities which can gather an audience of 50 or more people, in an appropriate venue, interested in learning more about, or debating, these issues. These sessions include question and answer segments.


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