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We have developed a range of cross-cultural seminars and workshops designed for in-house delivery. Each can be customised and/or expanded to create an even more effective education experience for your staff. A detailed information sheet on each of these progrrams is available in pdf form from Margaret. Each of these can also be modified for conference keynote or workshop formats. 

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The Culture/Language Challenge (two hours)

In response to the need for a short exciting introduction to the issues of cultural and linguistic diversity for a range of organisations, Margaret Bornhorst has designed this two-hour program. The reception so far has been exceptional. The program combines information, skills development and opportunities for personal reflection in an entertaining format. For some organisations, this program will be all you need to stimulate awareness and discussion. For others, the program will trigger a desire to go deeper. Either way, it is a humorous, enjoyable program for raising your staff's interest in working more effectively with colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds.

Communicating through Professional Interpreters (two hours)

There are times when children, friends or neighbors should not be used as interpreters. Being able to work effectively with professional interpreters is arguably the most important skill a service or product provider needs when providing information/services/products to recently arrived immigrants and refugees who are not yet confident in English.

Communicating through Professional Interpreters (Short Version) provides everything you need to know about how to link up with a professional interpreter on the telephone or on-site, including the NAATI accreditation levels, the theory on conducting effective interviews, plus the opportunity to participate in or witness a real-time interpreter-assisted interview. Learning a new skill is always daunting. This two-hour program makes this skill surprisingly easily accessible to everyone. 

Overcoming Language Barriers (four hours)

Overcoming Language Barriers provides in a four-hour program a practical grounding in the three areas where difficulties are regularly encountered by Anglo-Australians as they interact with their culturally diverse clients, customers and members of the public.

Barrier No 1: no shared language or insufficient shared language. A professional interpreter must be used. This should be a professional interpreter if the information to be communicated has legal implications.

Barrier No 2: accents. The people communicating have considerable shared language (English) but they are having difficulty understanding each other because of different accents.

Barrier No 3: unnecessarily complex language from the English speaker. Many English speakers are unaware of how to simplify their English without sounding patronising.

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