Cross-Cultural Programs for State Government Agencies

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During her fourteen years with Multicultural Affairs Queensland, Margaret Bornhorst designed and delivered cross-cultural training programs for most vocational areas covered by state government agencies. She is, therefore, more aware than most of the cross-cultural issues specific to most areas of state government. Her department-specific programs, therefore, offer cross-cultural knowledge and expertise it would be difficult to find anywhere else.


Cross-Cultural Skills for State Government Agencies (1-day)

Most state government agencies provide services either to the community or to other government agencies. While the Australian community has become extraordinarily culturally and linguistically diverse, so has the state government workforce itself. Cultural misunderstandings and language barriers of one kind or another are regularly encountered, and it is very helpful for all managers, supervisors and staff to have cultural competence training to raise their awareness of the myths which abound in the cultural and language arenas, and also identify The Totally Foreign Concepts that some of their systems and services will represent for the more recently arrived customers and staff, particularly those from non-Western cultures. This program provides state government employees with a new level of understanding and skill for overcoming cultural and language barriers.

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Cross-Cultural Skills for Teachers (1-day)

Cross-Cultural Skills for Teachers is a one-day program which identifies the main cultural and language issues that teachers need to be on top of if they are to support the acculturation and educational needs of their immigrant, refugee, international, and 457 visa students. These issues include completely different concepts of effective education processes, the degree of difference between Anglo-Australian culture and most other cultures, the principles of second language acquisition, and effective classroom strategies for assisting students who are not yet proficient in English.

Included in this program is a segment on working with professional interpreters, since many parents of recently arrived immigrant, refugee and 457 students have little or no English. Ideally every school with immigrant children or young people should have at least one senior teacher or administrator who has been trained to conduct an interview through a professional interpreter, using either a telephone or on-site interpreter.

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Cross-Cultural Skills for Health Professionals (one-day)

There are many cultural and linguistic challenges facing health professionals in Australia. Not only has the client-base become dramatically more diversified in recent years by the ongoing arrival of immigrants, refugees and 457 visa settlers, but so too the collegial base, since many international health professionals are working in public and private health facilities across the state.

Cross-Cultural Skills for Health Professionals is a one-day program focusing on the information and skills required by health professionals to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers with both patients and colleagues.  

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Cross-Cultural Skills for Police (one-day)

Nowhere is cross-cultural conpetence more essential than in the police service. Police are like other ordinary Australians, often unaware of the degree and specific ways in which immigrant cultures differ from Anglo-Australian culture, not very conscious of the parameters of their own (usually Anglo-Australian) culture, and also somewhat unsophisticated in their understanding of second language acquisition and the importance of using professional interpreters to overcome language barriers. This program is attitude-changing and developmental of skills needed to appropriately police a mutlicultural community. 

Request a detailed information sheet (pdf) on this program now by contacting Margaret.

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