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More international business? 

When the CEO and senior managers understand the importance of cross-cultural knowledge management, then the move into overseas markets is not so daunting. Every aspect of your business, from product and service development to marketing, and everything in between, can benefit from an awareness of how cultural and language barriers operate in business decision-making. Effective cross-cultural knowledge management can make the difference between failure and remarkable success.


More customers? 

When your staff  feel comfortable and confident interacting with customers/clients who look or sound different from themselves, people from ethnic communities feel welcome and enjoy doing business with you. The word soon gets around.


More harmonious staff relations?

When the people from different cultures who work for you feel respected and valued by everyone in your business, you are likely to have smoothly operating systems and you are unlikely to lose productivity because of misunderstandings or tensions.


New niche markets? 

When you take the time to identify the cultural and linguistic skills of your staff, and explore their insights, you may find that they will lead you to unexpected niche markets.


A larger customer base? 

When you make the time to do relationship-building with carefully chosen ethnic community leaders, there is potential for expanding your customer base significantly.


Many Australian business people don't know where to start to tap into these new opportunities. Here are some ways to start the process.


Our Business-Focused Programs

Each of the programs below can be delivered as a half or one-day program, or as a conference keynote or workshop. 

Taking an Australian Franchise into China
A number of Australian franchises have entered the Chinese market in recent years. Some have been successful and some have not. This program provides more information about the likelihood of your franchise being successful in the China context utilising recent PhD research.


Introduction to Cross-Cultural Knowledge Management
Introduces the principles of managing cross-cultural knowledge for competitive advantage. An exciting, dynamic introduction for CEOs and senior managers which uses case studies to show how systems can be established to assist the transfer of critical business knowledge across cultural and language barriers. Introduces the concept of an in-house 'cross-cultural knowledge manager' responsible for identifying opportunities for knowledge transfer and for facilitating knowledge transfer across cultural and language barriers.


Culturally Competent Customer Service
Covering both cultural and language skills, this program boosts the confidence and efficiency of frontline staff of all ages and backgrounds as they service a culturally and linguistically diverse clientele.


The Exciting Culture/Language Challenge
Test the waters with this motivating introduction to the benefits of developing cross-cultural and linguistic skills.


Team Building Across Cultures
A dynamic program for getting your staff members from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds on the same wave length. There are great differences in the way that cultures view concepts such as authority, team-work, instructions/directions, goal-setting, achievement, success, etc. The best way to clarify this is getting everyone together and talking about it in a well-facilitated, stuctured learning environment. At its best, this program can create a bonding experience for all concerned which in turn creates an ongoing real team spirit with tangible achievements.


Overcoming Language Barriers
This program provides skills for overcoming the three language barriers: accents, unequal levels of English skills, and communicating through interpreters. Accents are a significant issue in Australian workplaces, both Australian and 'foreign'. This program proves that the ability to understand English through a strong 'foreign' accent can be improved by knowing what to focus on as you listen to the person. The second language barrier identifies Australian and English idiosyncrasies which can be consciously avoided to assist a listener whose English is not yet competent. All multicultural workforces should have some staff who know how to link up to the Translating and Interpreter Service and conduct an interview in case of an emergency.


Culturally Competent Managers and Supervisors
An excellent program for getting your managers and supervisors skilled up to identify and overcome cultural and language barriers faced by employees with non-Anglo-Australian backgrounds, and to generally get the best out of a multicultural workforce. Health and safety compliance and significant differences in workplace cultures internationally are both important focuses of this program.


Building Business Relationships with Local Ethnic Communities
This program provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to create valuable relationships with opinion leaders in local ethnic communities.


Preparing for a Multicultural Workforce
This program takes you through the steps necessary to prepare your business for welcoming staff from other cultures, and to set in train processes for identifying and overcoming cultural and language barriers.


Doing Business Across Cultures
These days, more and more Australian businesses are providing services across national borders. Cross-cultural confidence is an essential staff attribute in these circumstances where cultural misunderstandings and language barriers can significantly affect the success of a venture.


Cultural Briefing for International Staff arriving in Australia to Work with Australian Companies
Businesses can lose thousands of dollars if arriving internationally-sourced employees, or their families, experience extreme culture shock and are unable to function in the new Australian environment. With skilled advice and information, new arrivals can be settled in with the minimum of fuss and angst. This program has the greatest success when Australian managers of the arriving staff are participants in the program.


Connecting New International Projects in Australia with Local Australian Communities
Establishing a successful major project in Australia involves connecting positively with the local community as well as with the local workforce. This sounds easier than it is, even for companies from other Western countries. This program will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the best outcomes for both company and community.



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