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Margaret Bornhorst can deliver a conference keynote on a range of cultural or language issues. If you are unsure which topic is best for your organisation or industry, she can help you identify the one which will bring the most engagement and benefit to your audience.


Here are some examples of Margaret Bornhorst keynotes designed for Australian audiences.


Your Organisation's or Industry's Exciting Culture/Language Challenge!

This interactive keynote is designed to awaken an organisation or industry to the impact that increassing cultural and linguistic diversity is having not only on their customer profile but also on their human resources. Are you paying enough attention to both of these? What should you be doing to maximise customer loyalty across multiple ethnic communities? Are your products and services attuned to the needs of different cultures and language groups? What should you be doing to engage and retain and utilise the unique talents and skills of your multicultural workforce? The definitions of 'leadership' and 'team;' and 'productivity' are in flux. This keynote leaves the audience uplifted and inspired about extending their cross-cultural knowledge and skills into new areas.


Embracing the Rich Opportunities Created by Cultural Diversity’

In this interactive keynote, Margaret Bornhorst explores the implications on not-for-profit human services of a dramatically increasing cultural diversity across Australia. Most capital cities now have people drawn from more than 226 birthplaces speaking more than 299 languages and dialects (2016 ABS Census), and this diversity is now rapidly percolating into regional areas through deliberate settlement polices and employer sponsored visas. This keynote highlights the cultural differences between Anglo-Celtic Australian culture and those of arriving immigrants, and therefore the cultural barriers that both groups face in interacting with each other. This keynote gives participants an opportunity to reflect on Anglo-Celtic Australian culture, how it has evolved and how it influences their beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours as well as their perceptions of culturally-different others. It also defines the stages of successful settlement and what human services providers can do to support belonging and identity for arriving and established families for their own benefit and the benfit of the wider community. Some attention is paid to the importance of mother tongue and second language in the new settlers’ process of achieving identity and belonging. This keynote leaves the audience excited and motivated about the personal, professional and social enrichment which comes with embracing diversity.




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