Participant Feedback 2006 to 2014


Working Cross-Culturally: an update for (a Federal Government department) (a one-day program for eight participants in May 2014)

'I found the program excellent for broadening general knowledge and could identify with the scenarios in the workplace.' 'Very pleased. I like the way you allow interaction between everyone and use this for ongoing examples.' 'Very valuable and eye-opening. Has inspired me to learn more.' 'Yes, it should be mandatory.' 'I loved the way this program was very balanced: it gave the Anglo-Australian side of the issues as well as the immigrant/refugee side of the issues.' 'I can't believe how much I learned from the three cultural consultants. I could have listened to them for hours.'

Other agencies that would benefit from this program? 'Every organisation!' 'Department of Immigration and Border Protection.' Private education providers that offer courses to overseas students.' Immigration.'  


Cross-Cultural Skills Update for Student Administration Staff (of a Brisbane university) (A half-day program delivered in November 2013)

'Engaging and thought-provoking.' 'Very comprehensive and well-delivered, with panache.' 'Because we live and deal with such a multicultural country/organisation, everyone should do this workshop.' 'I think the program is very useful and provides important information needed when providing service.' '[I would recommend this program because] we all require diversity training and awareness for life and for our working invironments.' 'Valuable to share ideas and knowledge on culture and communication.' 'Good insights into cross-cultural issues.' 'Clear understanding and friendly.' Can be very useful in everyday admin life.' 'Life-relevant.' 'We all need to understand those around us.'

Other sections of this university or other agencies that would benefit from this program? 'The international student office of this university.' 'Human services department of this university.' 'Queensland Transport.' 'GPS schools.' 'Anywhere where there is a mix of cultures in a concentrated environment.' 'Schools'. 'Acadmics/schools.' 'Some commercial enterprises, eg their contact centres.' 



Exploring our Multicultural Jigsaw Puzzle (a one-day training program for volunteers in a Queensland regional art gallery) (August 2013)

   'V'V' Very brilliant. Very good. Very informative.' 'Useful ideas for communicating clearly, patiently and with sympathy.' 'Very clear descriptions. Loved the humour! Helps improve understanding people.' 'Very well presented. Margaret has a wonderful way of putting things in perspective and makes concepts to easy to understand and relevant.' 'Useful information relating to working with multiculturalism to create positive outcomes.' 'This program engaged me in all ways, in my personal life and in the volunteering aspect in the gallery. Very worthwhile for multicultural understanding!' 'Program was informative, skillfully delivered with good humour and good group management skills.' al lie mproptionsUUseful idUU 

Other organisations that would benefit from this program? 'Hospitality.' 'Base hospital volunteers.' 'Schools and any customer service organisations.' 'Hospital nurses - in relation to overseas-trained doctors and the absolute challenges they face; the need for listening, slowing down, etcetera.' 'All other volunteers in this council's departments, eg the information centre.'


Cross-Cultural Skills Update for General and Administration Staff (of a Queensland university) (A half-day program delivered in July 2013)

 ''G 'V'V''An in-depth and highly professional presentation. A great deal of "food for thought"! So relevant to [this university's] work with international students.' 'Great workshop interaction and problem-solving and practical examples given.' 'Very professionally and confidently delivered with lots of good content.' 'Many elements could constitute a course in themselves.' 'A full-day preferable.' 'I will recommend to my team as it is insightful.' 'Group interaction is great.' '[I liked] learning about different cultures, body languages, and their meanings. Loved talking about the reasons for actions of different people. I find that understanding people's cultural and language background assists our team at student services with communicating and meeting students' needs.' 'Four hours may be too short!' 'This program further enhances [this university's] equity and diversity policies.' 'Interesting to find out other people's experiences.' 'There is so much great content and a lot we can learn.' a babody res'[I liked] learning about different cultures, body languages and their meanings. Loved talking about the reasons for actions of different people. I find that understanding people's cultural and language background assists our team at student services with communicating and meeting students' needs.'lvests tsal lie mproptionsUUseful idUU 

Other sections of this university and other organisations that would benefit from this program? 'Churches.' 'Accommodation and facilities staff.'


Cross-Cultural Skills for Gold Coast City Council. (A one-day program delivered in December 2012)

 ''G 'V'V''Great course'This was a well-presented course that initiated plenty of useful discussion and provided practical skills.' 'eGreat course! Should be mandatory!' 'All content was relevant, thank you. Enjoyed the format and structure.' 'Good refresher for using the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS).' 'Practical TIS interview exercise was very helpful.' 'Margaret was very informative and detailed. Whenever presented with intercultural language barriers, I now have the skills to confidently communicate and I am aware of the options and services available.' 'Educates all participants to engage differently with people from different cultures/non-English speaking countries.' 'It will assist with the diverse array of colleagues within council.' 'Thank you, this course was very interesting and I have learned great lessons. The course facilitator was excellent.' '[I am now] more conscious of the range of cultures and migration experiences of the Gold Coast population.' '[I have acquired] more knowledge in helping and assisting cross-cultural customers in the library.' 'Will re-read the information, make summaries, and integrate my new learning into my daily work/role with cultural groups.' 'Use interpreter if required. This is quite easy to do. Share this knowledge with my staff!' [lwst a babody res'[I liked] learning about different cultures, body languages and their meanings. Loved talking about the reasons for actions of different people. I find that understanding people's cultural and language background assists our team at student services with communicating and meeting students' needs.'lvests tsal lie mproptionsUUseful idUU 


The Exciting Culture/Language Challenge (new in 2011)

Brilliant! Enjoyable! Inspirational! & fantastic!!!' '“Even” as a TESOL-qualified, Spanish-speaking former resident of a foreign country, I learnt from this session and admired its composition and format. Well done!'  'Very well presented – good information presented in an interesting & informative way.'  'Much more interesting that I would have thought. I often think these sessions are more time consuming than useful - this one certainly wasn't - it was very worthwhile.' 'We nearly couldn't find Margaret Bornhorst but thank God we did. This workshop surpassed what I thought it would be and we learnt to sing a beautiful French song - in a few minutes.' ' The cross-cultural workshop was brilliant. Margaret obviously knows her stuff and how to impart the knowledge to ensure everyone understands. I got a great deal out of this workshop.'


Cross-Cultural Skills for Librarians (new in 2011)

'Increased my awareness and understanding towards other cultures. Thank you! This should have been done for a whole day, not 3 hours.' Wonderful sharing and insights from presenter and the group. 'Helped me to understand and appreciate different cultures.  Thank you.'  'There is so much to learn from each other in a multicultural society. This training has been very interesting.' 'Reminded me of the importance of appreciating people’s backgrounds and that there is always a story behind their behaviour.  Very valuable, thank you.'


Culturally Competent Customer Service

‘I enjoyed the organised manner of the presenter. Margaret gave energy and enthusiasm and I feel motivated to learn more about cultural issues.’ ‘It’s marvelous to have a presenter who has a passion for her work and is able to share it so well.’ ‘Thank you for a great experience.’ ‘Excellent information and terrific stories to back up points.’ ‘I like the way that the facilitator encouraged the group to identify their own experiences and share them  -  greater impact!’


Overcoming Language Barriers

An excellent presentation in every way.’ ‘Wonderful! After suffering rather ordinary training it was like fresh air to have today’s input.’ ‘An excellent presentation. Great to have the practical examples. Thank you.’ ‘Very clear and concise presentation. You gave great energy in the workshop which was terrific.’ ‘Thank you for opening my eyes! Excellent.’ ‘Your presentation was superb, informative, entertaining and engaging. One of the best external speakers we have had. Thanks.’


Culturally Competent Community Workers

‘Margaret is an excellent presenter with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.’ ‘Excellent ‘entry level’ program.’ ‘Margaret is an awesome trainer; really interesting material.’ ‘ I now have more awareness of some of the issues facing newly arrived people.’ ‘An excellent training event. Speaker very knowledgeable.’ ‘Interpreter information and skills—great!’ ‘It was a very exciting day.’ ‘I now have more awareness of different cultures, I am more culturally competent.’ ‘Thank you, Margaret, for such an informative and engaging program. Your delivery style, information and broad knowledge is fantastic.’ 'I really enjoyed this workshop. I wasn't bored for one minute! Lots of information- well delivered.' 'Enjoyed the program - very much.' 'I have learnt how to use TIS and gained knowledge about something I had little information about. Thanks.'


Cross-Cultural Skills for Teachers

‘Enlightening and comprehensive, practical as well as entertaining, and participant interaction was also informative. Cultural information/identity issues were invaluable.’ ‘I found this program amazing and highly valuable both as a tutor and as a citizen.’ ‘Your knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious. I want to now continue to learn so much more.’ ‘I particularly enjoyed the work exploring cultural differences relating to politeness and courtesy. I teach international students and it’s made me aware of the need to do this with them, too.’ ’The manual is a wonderful resource.’ ‘An outstanding presentation and presenter.’ ’Margaret brings the material to life and energises the group and gets everyone contributing enthusiastically.’ ‘Enjoyable, fun, professional.’


Communicating through Professional Interpreters

‘Style of presentation was lively, interesting and attention-keeping.’ ‘Facilitator very good, pleasant, excellent interaction with the group.’ ‘Excellent. Very practical and informative.’ ‘Thank you. I have worked with professional interpreters for years and I still learned heaps. Very useful.’ ‘Thank you. I learned a lot today and feel so much more ready to work with professional interpreters.’

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