Books exploring culture, language, migration,

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A note from Margaret Bornhorst

I have read all of the books listed below. I have only listed books here that I have found to be well-written, informative, and unusually gripping.

Most of the fiction books are available from the Brisbane City Council libraries, and therefore would be available on inter-library loan throughout Queensland. The advantage of giving the Amazon links is so that you can get more information on each book before deciding which ones you want to read. For example, click on Roger Sandall's The Culture Cult link and read the reviews of readers.

It is harder to get the non-fiction books through local libraries, depending on how 'academic' they are seen to be.

I am soon to add a separate list I am calling 'Great Literature of the World in Translation' which will be in country order.

Non-Fiction  Fiction


 Have you read an interesting or informative book that you think our readers would like? Let me know!

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